An Experiential Education Database, Built Just For You

Learn Through Experience was created by the Association for Experiential Education to create a comprehensive database of experiential education programs. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible search engine of experiential education organizations to best serve your goals, whether that be primary or secondary education, self-awareness and self-confidence, substance abuse and addiction recovery, or team-building and organizational development.

The experiential learning programs on this site are run by everyone from colleges and universities to camps, from outdoor organizations to therapists, and business consultants.

What Makes Experiential Learning So Special?

Experiential Education is:

  • Student-focused rather than teacher-based.
  • Organized around direct experience, which provides the substance from which learners draw crucial meaning.
  • Personal. How a student feels about a subject is valued as much as the student’s ability.
  • Process is key. How a student arrives at an answer is stressed along with what answer is reached.

Experiential learning combines direct action and experience with guided reflection, analysis and decision-making about real-life situations.

In addition to the points above, neuroscience research has confirmed many benefits from experiential learning:

Learning Benefit 1

The use of activity, challenge and experience in the learning process better engages the learner, maintaining focus and motivation.

Learning Benefit 2

The experiential approach encourages the participants to generate learning on their own, building learner ownership rather than simply presenting information.

Learning Benefit 3

Experiential education creates a positive emotional environment through personal connections and positive feedback.