Hands-on, experiential learning allows participants to solve problems, work together and test their skills in a real-world situation — often while enjoying breathtaking scenery in a natural setting. Experiential learning programs come in many forms and encompass many activities, but all are designed to put the student front and center for maximum engagement and positive feedback.

Why Choose an Accredited Program?

Programs that have gone through the AEE accreditation process have distinguished themselves in the growing field of experiential education. At the time of the accreditation review, programs must document and display compliance with the standards for outdoor and adventure programs and outdoor behavioral healthcare Research suggests the AEE accredited programs manage risks more effectively and have more impactful programming than their non-accredited competitors.

AEE accredits a wide variety of adventure programs and organizations, including wilderness adventure programs, colleges and university outdoor programs, K-12 school programs, wilderness therapy, youth programs and corporate teambuilding and training programs.

Choosing a Region to Explore

North America is full of diverse landscapes, from the deserts of the Southwest to the snowy hills of New England. As you search for the perfect program for you, consider the climate and geography you’d most like to experience as a backdrop to your learning.

  • Northeast: Eastern woodlands abound, and there are plenty of places to hike and climb. Summers are humid and warm, while winters offer snowfall for a variety of winter activities.
  • Southeast: Hot, humid summers and mild winters make the Southeast a great spot for year-round learning. From the Appalachian Mountains to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, there’s a something here for everyone.
  • Midwest: Vast expanses of prairie and the sparkling waters of the Great Lakes make the Midwest a fine place to explore. Here you can experience all four seasons during your adventures.
  • Rocky Mountains: Sharp peaks offer the finest winter sports and climbing opportunities in North America, but warmer months are also a beautiful time to visit the backcountry.
  • West: From the deserts of the Southwest to the misty rainforests of the Pacific northwest, some of the most astounding scenery in the world is in this area.
  • Alaska: Coastal Alaska offers rugged fjords and a look at iconic wildlife, but summers are milder than you might think. Move inland for pristine hiking and mountain climbing in the unspoiled wilderness of the Far North.
  • Hawaii: Hawaii is part of the United States, which makes it easy to travel to a South Pacific locale without needing a special travel visa. Here you’ll enjoy volcanic mountains, lush jungles and wide beaches with incredible surfing waves.

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