Looking for a unique and innovative learning opportunity? There are dozens of accredited experiential education programs waiting to be discovered. Offered in a wide range of environments, there are incredible opportunities to learn valuable life skills in the desert.

Encouraging personal growth and development, these programs are unlike any other. With a core focus on self-discovery, environmental awareness and wellness, adventure learning in the desert presents one-of-a-kind challenges that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Adventure Learning Benefits

When you take part in an adventure learning program, the benefits are vast. By taking individuals out of the classroom, this type of learning environment encourages all aspects of self-development and self-discovery. Students begin to understand the consequences of their actions, building on each and every lesson learned.

Outdoor education provides an unconventional opportunity that allows participants to thrive. When taken out of their comfort zone, participants learn to overcome challenges, and this skill supports lifelong success. As they develop key life skills, they will become the best possible version of themselves.

Some of the benefits you can expect from adventure learning include, but are not limited to:

  • The development of active learning — Unlike lessons learned in a classroom, students are provided with a unique, hands-on learning experience. Whether they are hiking, biking or completing a teamwork challenge, these experiences support physical, social and intellectual developments.
  • Greater self-esteem — Whether a student lacks confidence or self-esteem, this type of learning environment encourages them to overcome their fears. In doing so, they experience a true sense of accomplishment. This also helps them realize that they can push themselves in order to achieve more.
  • The development of key life skills — When embarking on anoutdoor adventure, the world becomes your classroom. With each new experience, individuals are able to strengthen the type of skills that can be applied in the real world, including beneficial leadership and problem-solving skills.
  • Greater awareness — Expanding the mind is critical to personal growth. When taking part in adventure learning, students benefit from greater cultural and environmental awareness.

With each new experience and each new challenge, new skills are formed. Participants are also often inspired to continue this rewarding journey once the program is complete. The programs below help bridge the gap between theory and practice.

adventure learning desert

Adventure Learning in a Desert Setting

When you think about adventure learning, you may picture a forested area or mountain-based challenges — but the desert also offers incredible lessons to be learned. This environment presents its own unique challenges, helping students to further develop a wide range of skills.

Being an environment unlike any other, students will need to overcome obstacles that are specific to this type of setting. As they do, they will support personal growth and development.

Programs to Explore

If you are interested in what the following experiential programs have to offer, you can learn more by accessing the link provided. Each program is accredited by the Association for Experiential Education and offers its own unique methods, approaches and techniques in terms of education, healing and development.

1. Boojum Institute

Designed to encourage personal growth and environmental education, the Boojum Institute was originally founded in 1975. Over the years, more than 70,000 youth and young adults have participated in the unique programs offered, including challenging rope courses and backpack trips.

Located in Anza, California, this institute shares the wonders associated with desert environments. These ecosystems are often misunderstood, providing a unique opportunity for experiential learning. Just imagine your child learning about endangered species in the environment where they once roamed.

Just some of the activities offered include day-hiking, top-rope rock climbing, biology and desert lessons, canyon exploration, and so much more. Both human and natural history are key focal points.

2. Anasazi Foundation

Located in Mesa, Arizona, there’s no better place to offer a desert-based program. With family-focused programs, the Anasazi Foundation specializes in learning experiences for youth and young adults. From learning how to build shelters to the development of true independence, groups are kept small in order to leverage a more immersive, meaningful experience.

As youths learn to cooperate in a group setting, they develop healthy relationships with their peers. Based on the challenges presented in a desert setting, they will learn the power of structure, accountability, responsibility and teamwork. All of these lessons can then be applied to real-world experiences.

3. Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

In operation since 2006, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy offers a learning experience unlike any other. Taking participants on a journey into the Canyonlands of Southeast Utah, adolescents and young adults have an opportunity to find themselves in the desert. Using the power of nature to foster growth and development, Open Sky’s approach is unique and effective.

Offering a pathway that allows students to thrive, self-discovery and skill building are of the utmost importance. In addition, students learn about the benefits associated with healthy living and exploration. Here, participants come out of their shell. They learn to push the boundaries and overcome adversity.

Experiential learning is the future. If you’re interested in the benefits of experiential education, learn more about our various adventure and wilderness programs today!