Looking for a rewarding career in experiential education? Whether you want to lead students on a mountaineering adventure, help run corporate leadership workshops, or simply explore all of your opportunities in the field, the 2017 AEE International Conference is for you. The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) – Learn Through Experience’s parent organization – hosts this annual conference to provide a place for experiential learning professionals of all backgrounds to connect with each other while learning the very latest innovations and techniques in the field.

At this year’s conference, you can expect to network with like-minded practitioners, teachers and students engaged in all aspects of experiential education. In addition to knowledgeable keynote speakers and informative workshop sessions, vendors from around the world come to demonstrate services valuable to your work. You’ll also enjoy networking and “finding your people” — that is, making friends with others who are just as passionate about experiential education as you are. In fact, this is one of the top reasons satisfied attendees keep coming back to the conference year after year: They love the energy they get from being with people who get them and their career goals.

Experiential Education Careers

If you’ve always wanted a career helping improve lives and the world, consider the opportunities in experiential education. In additional to specific education and training, there is a professional network available to support you in this field.

adventure education careers

The AEE International Conference is a great resource for you. You’ll learn all about the benefits of a career in experiential education: the ability to connect with others who are passionate about change and impact, getting to spend your time in active endeavors or in nature instead of behind a desk, and helping others learn to dig deep within themselves to solve problems and become stronger people and teammates

The conference is a great place to explore the many and varied careers available when you pursue experiential education, and it’s a great place to get started on finding the right adventure education career path for you. There are so many ways to make a career in experiential education work for you, and the conference is guaranteed to open your eyes to ideas you’ve never thought of before.

International Conference Highlights

Last year’s AEE International Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, welcomed 700 attendees who enjoyed 115 educational workshops designed to hone their skills and keep them on the cutting edge of experiential education curriculum design, pedagogy and practice. This year’s program includes sessions on inclusion and diversity, experiential education in the digital age, social and emotional learning, risk management and many more. Powerful, engaging speakers lead enthusiastic participants to new understandings of the field and their students — all while having a great time.

In addition to structured learning opportunities, the conference features social events and connection opportunities. Conference participants make lifelong friends they can connect with throughout the year for advice and ongoing support. Click here to see an inspiring video of highlights and testimonials from last year’s amazing event.

Additional Information

The 2017 AEE International Conference will take place in Montreal, Quebec, Nov. 7 through Nov. 10. Conference lodging is available at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal, and an early arrival will allow you to enjoy this fine city as well as special pre-conference learning sessions.

AEE expects this year’s conference to host 700 attendees from more than 20 different countries as we celebrate the global, multicultural nature of experiential education. This year’s inspiring keynote presenters are from around the world, hailing from Australia, Canada, India and the United States. They represent all areas touched by experiential learning: higher education, K-12 schools, outdoor education and independent consulting practices. In keeping with the host country’s official language, several workshops will be offered in French.

This year’s schedule is packed with nearly 100 workshops and pre-conference sessions to choose from. There are also dedicated networking events, delicious meals and cocktail receptions, and plenty of time to explore sponsors’ booths for helpful information. Choose as many events as you wish to tailor your experience to your interests and needs.

Rates vary based on how early you register as well as the package of events you choose, and AEE offers a prewritten letter of justification to help your employer understand the value of your attendance at the conference.

Feeling excited to rub elbows with hundreds of friendly folks who share your values and dedication to experiential education? The 2017 AEE International Conference is the perfect place to connect with and celebrate this close-knit community of adventurers and explorers. Browse our programs list to learn more about how you can get involved in experiential education and find the right training or certification program for you.