If you’re seeking an opportunity to challenge your child, allowing them to learn unique skills as they grow and develop, an experiential education program may be the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Experiential Education Programs

Unlike a traditional classroom, experiential education programs provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve learned within a more immersive, hands-on environment. As participants “learn by doing,” these programs impact a child’s educational experience — and, in turn, their future.

Although there are a wide variety of program formats, they all share similar benefits in terms of the level of education provided. Instead of sitting in a classroom every day, learning from textbooks, students are provided with unique opportunities. Instead of learning through someone else’s experience, they learn lessons firsthand.

Some of the core benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Students develop skills that can be applied within real-world applications, including leadership and communication skills. After all, on average, students retain approximately 75 percent of what they do, in comparison to 5 percent of what they hear and 10 percent of what they read. From wilderness programs to adventure therapy, these opportunities are not only transformational and rewarding, but incredibly unique.
  • Experiential programs help students understand the importance of serving their community, as they clarify and strengthen their core values. Lessons are encouraging and interesting, allowing students to develop greater insight and curiosity.
  • Based on the skills they develop, students become better prepared for their future, not only in terms of their careers, but also within their relationships. As they obtain knowledge and develop skills, they also become more focused and attentive.

accredited outdoor education programs

Experiential Learning Programs in Asia

When students participate in experiential learning programs in Asia, the world becomes their classroom. When taking part in these programs, students benefit from opportunities that are AEE-accredited. This level of certification is critical when selecting a program, based on an increased commitment to quality and safety.

Outward Bound Hong Kong

First established in 1970, Outward Bound Hong Kong was the first outdoor adventure education program within Greater China — as well as one of the original Outward Bound schools developed worldwide. Although many think of Hong Kong as a heavily populated city, approximately 50 percent of this territory is comprised of mountainous areas and protected wilderness parks.

With the addition of 260 coastal islands, this region provides opportunities on both land and sea, as participants utilize sailing vessels and sea kayaks as a means of transportation. Offered in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, this program is an adventure that encourages self-reflection and self-discovery. Your child will be encouraged to push their limits in a safe environment as they become more confident and motivated.

Other Experiential Education Programs in Asia

With so many programs to choose from, each offering unique features, the sky is the limit. If you’re interested in the benefits that these one-of-a-kind programs have to offer, explore the following opportunities to learn more.

Higher Ground Australia

Higher Ground is one of Australia’s leading providers of experiential and accredited outdoor education programs. Working with more than 15,000 individuals across Asia and Australia annually, their over 20 years of experience encourages lifelong learning. Just imagine your child building a raft or completing a rewarding expedition — Higher Ground makes that a possibility.

Outward Bound Singapore

At Outward Bound Singapore, their programs aim to “inspire individuals and transform communities.” Focusing on discovery and character development, as well as leadership development, your child can look forward to activities such as outdoor camping, sea expeditions and so much more. On their exciting journey, they will benefit from unfamiliar challenges, self-reflection and the development of collaboration skills.

The Outdoor Education Group

Aiming to make the benefits of outdoor learning accessible to all young people, their accredited outdoor education programs are meaningful, supporting character building and self-discovery. Students not only form positive relationships with the natural world, but also each other and themselves through challenging courses and exercises. The Outdoor Education Group, based in Australia,  will help your child “realize their personal best, by putting them to the test.”

Brighton Grammar School

This all-boys school in Australia makes learning fun, physical and challenging. In addition to helping students better understand their personal strengths and weaknesses, the Brighton Grammar School instills a love for the great outdoors. Each year, skills are strengthened, building upon what was learned the year prior. In addition, boys learn to connect with others, speak with integrity and become empowered to be the best possible version of themselves.

Training Impact Limited

With 12 years of experience, Training Impact Limited in Pakistan offers hundreds of activities, tools and exercises, all developed in order to learn by doing. Programs are led by world-certified trainers, and each opportunity is customized to fit the needs of the participants.

Outward Bound Trust of Malaysia

With a rich history, Outward Bound believed in the personal development of youth, creating unique educational enterprises. Today, they offer a wide range of programs, including an eight-day youth course that supports the development of team spirit, idea sharing, problem solving, compassion and risk-taking. Whether your child would enjoy the action-packed Pack ‘N’ Paddle course or a confidence-boosting Leadership Development Program, there’s something for everyone.

If you believe that your child would benefit from a unique learning experience, there are so many opportunities waiting to be discovered. Learn more about experiential learning around the country and globe by visiting our programs page today.

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