Have you always felt that a “traditional” career wasn’t for you?

Do you thrive on being a community leader within an exciting, high-energy environment? As you learn through experience, do you strive to help others reach their goals?

If so, becoming an organizational development instructor may be the answer.

How to Become an Organizational Development Instructor

If the thought of sitting in a cubicle stresses you out, know that you have some exciting options (and opportunities) in front of you. If you have already made the conscious decision to do something about it, you’re already on your way to becoming an organizational development instructor.

Becoming an organizational development instructor is not just about education or experience — it’s about having a particular mindset. You need to be open to challenges and exploration, while developing a specialized teaching method.

If you’re striving for a career that builds communities, supports adventure and respects the environment, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Step outside of your current comfort zone and become the type of leader that helps shape people’s lives.

Depending on which specific field you’d like to focus on, for example, leadership education or even addiction recovery, your initial training will differ. With that being said, regardless of the final outcome in terms of your education, you will be embarking on a fulfilling career that encourages skill development.

To begin, focus on what your job as an organizational development instructor would entail. In order to educate others, which level of certification or credentials do you require? Although many instructors will complete a behavioral program or even an adventure-based education program, some facilitators hold a degree in a different (but relevant) field, such as business.

These individuals take a different approach, developing the skills they need through job experience. After all, that’s what experiential education is all about.

What Will Be Expected of You Once You Become an Organizational Development Instructor

In order to truly prepare yourself, you’ll need to thoroughly understand what will be expected of you. Participants will be looking to you when they are most vulnerable, so it’s important that you possess excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.

When participants consider a program, they focus on factors such as location, activities and facilitator style. From your perspective, you will also need to make these considerations in order to develop your own teaching method and specific area of expertise.As an instructor, you will need to be:

organizational development instructor

  • Physically fit and mentally able — This is especially true for those who lead outdoor adventures and expeditions. You will be a role model for participants, so it’s important that you’re self-aware. On a positive note, becoming an instructor will encourage you to become the best version of yourself.
  • An effective leader — You will need to lead various teams, adapting to their goals and objectives. In addi
    tion, you will need to be confident in your abilities and teaching methods. It will be your job to show participants the way, providing the level of support they need to succeed.
  • A great problem solver — When learning through experience, there are often variables that you cannot plan for. This is particularly the case when leading a group in any outdoor adventure program. Adaptability and strong problem-solving skills will be crucial.
  • Fun, yet professional — You will need to provide an experience that is not only challenging, but rewarding. Make each lesson enjoyable but also be professional in terms of structure and approach. When facilitating a challenge course, forinstance, present this activity as a fun experience, with serious potential benefits.

The Benefits of Becoming an Organizational Development Instructor

Becoming an organizational development instructor is an extremely rewarding career. Not only will you be doing something you love, but you’ll be helping others meet their goals. It’s an opportunity to teach — and in turn, discover more about yourself within this exciting leadership role.

The benefits associated with this path are vast, helping you live the type of life you love, while helping others grow and develop. It’s a win-win. Although each individual is unique in terms of what they personally find gratifying, here are some common benefits associated with being an organizational development instructor:

  • The strengthening of core life skills — These are the types of skills that you cannot learn from a book. They develop through your experiences, including the ability to listen, to become more confident and develop strong social skills.
  • Exposure to new, exciting environments and locations — You’re the type of person that seeks adventure, which is why you’re open to travel and exploration. In that sense, this is the perfect career path for you, as each day will bring new challenges within unique settings.
  • Sharing one’s passion with others — Helping others push themselves is so rewarding, especially when it’s something you love. Sharing your passion will help you become a better teacher, and in turn, an expert in your field.

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