Experiential learning is well suited for professional development and team building in the workplace. Many employees are highly trained to perform their specific job functions, but they may lack the “soft skills” of collaboration, teamwork and leadership that take a company from good to great. Many experiential education programs are designed with adult learners in mind, and they focus on bringing coworkers together to solve a problem. After the challenge is complete, instructors guide participants to explore the group dynamics that led to their success so they can harness their new social skills in the future.

While there are many programs for team building available, rope courses are some of the most popular. Whether you choose a low or high ropes course, these obstacles are uniquely designed so that a single person can’t complete it alone: Even the strong lone wolf or shyest newcomer does better when they work together. Many programs offer consultants to help you assess your team’s needs and design a learning experience just right for meeting your professional goals.

APEX Adventures Inc.

Teambuilding and leadership development programs for global and local organizations partnering with internal and external learning and development professionals to provide experiential aspects to training…

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CBST Adventures

Since 1994, CBST Adventures has been creating innovative team building adventures that inspire individuals and groups to step outside of themselves and strive for higher…

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Dixon & Associates

With decades of experience raising our clients’ game through high performance teamwork, visionary leadership and collaborative strategy building, now we’re partnering with clients in negotiating…

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Functional Adventure

FUNCTIONAL ADVENTURE CORPORATE provides novel training experiences and consultations focused on Human Capital Management & Development including and critical thinking and professional judgment skills enhancement…

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Kaleidoscope Learning Circle

We are customer-centric facilitators with expertise and experience in leadership, team development, and self-awareness. Because we are leaders in the field of equine-assisted learning (EAL),…

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Life Adventures

Life Adventures Counseling provides a customized therapeutic opportunity that integrates adventure-based, nature-based, and experiential interventions for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Life Adventures For All…

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