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Experiential learning is an excellent way to tap into hidden strengths and challenge yourself in new ways. These programs help cultivate individual leadership skills and build stronger teams by promoting interpersonal communication and camaraderie. Great experiential education provides challenges to meet and a space for reflection afterward so that you can apply your learning to everyday life — making for an educational experience that you’ll carry with you long after your program ends.

Experiential education comes in many forms, so there’s sure to be a program that’s right for your group and its goals. Programs are available for groups of all ages, including K-12 students, colleges and universities, and adults at any stage of life. There are also programs designed specifically for team building and professional development, nature therapy, and personal adventure and fulfillment.

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Adventure and Wilderness Programs

Outdoor adventure education is one of the most popular forms of experiential education because it takes learning well beyond traditional classrooms and provides a place…

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Colleges and Universities

Experiential education is a growing part of many college and university course catalogs, and offerings range from freshman orientation programs that help students prepare for…

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K-12 Schools

You’re never too young to participate in experiential learning, and most students thrive on solving real-world problems and taking their education outside of the classroom.…

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Organizational Training and Development

Experiential learning is well suited for professional development and team building in the workplace. Many employees are highly trained to perform their specific job functions,…

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Wilderness and Adventure Therapy

Therapeutic programs are designed to offer structured experiences and opportunities for success for those who are recovering from a range of challenges, including depression, grief,…

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Other Experiential Education Programs

Experiential learning comes in many shapes and sizes, and you may find what you’re looking for where you least expect it. Other categories of experiential…

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