The Colorado Rocky Mountain School is an exceptional college-preparatory institution located in Carbondale, Colorado that gives students the skills, confidence, and knowledge to be successful in life and to contribute to their communities.
The outdoor program at CRMS is an integral part of the overall academic experience in which every student participates daily. The program includes sports, service crews, and outdoor trips with an emphasis on character development, where students learn important skills such as resilience, perseverance, collaboration, self-confidence, and humility. As a result, students at CRMS have a deep appreciation for the outdoors and an understanding of the importance of giving back to their community.

The goal of the CRMS sports program is to provide access for students of all abilities and experiences to develop an appreciation of, and competency in, many different outdoor pursuits. From climbing, biking, and kayaking to skiing, snowboarding, and Nordic, the sports offerings at CRMS are unique to the school’s majestic mountain setting. All students participate in a sport at least two days per week, and regardless of experience there is a place for each and every student from the very beginner to the advanced competitive athlete. By being encouraged to explore new sports, students are able to discover passions that they will be able to enjoy throughout their lives.

Service is a core value at CRMS, and service crews have been a part of the school since its founding over 60 years ago. John and Anne Holden firmly believed that students needed to give back to the school community in a meaningful way. Today, every student participates in a service crew two days a week. Whether they are blowing glass for use in the dining hall or harvesting vegetables from the school’s two-plus-acre organic garden, CRMS students are learning to look outside themselves and contribute to the greater school community.

CRMS outdoor trips provide another unique opportunity for students to build on the skills they are learning in the sports program, as well as time to deepen relationships with their peers and faculty members. There are three outdoor trips that take place annually, including Wilderness (all new students participate in this ten-day adventure in the surrounding high country), Fall Trip (five days in early October in the nearby mountains, deserts, and rivers), and Spring Trip (seven days in late April, once again journeying to surrounding areas). These trips provide not only an outdoor classroom but also an opportunity for the transference of leadership, exploration, and camaraderie back into the academic setting.


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