The Teen Compass (unplugged) Program at Columbus House has two programs under this umbrella. An Outdoor Leadership Program which allows youth to immerse themselves into outdoor activities while being ‘unplugged’ for their day to day use of technology. Trips are 4-5 days in length and provide new experiences for many youth. The second program is an Afternoon Skill Building Program which provides an opportunity for youth who may experience difficulty with sitting in classes each day or who may have left school for various reasons and may be living independently. Youth attend this group two afternoons per week with lunch being provided and then participate in group work led by professionals in the community. The topics depends on the needs of the group but may include building communication skills, topics related to drug/alcohol use, healthy relationships, employment related skills, etc.


Country: Canada
City: Pembroke

Name: Tiffiny Hughes
Phone: (613) 732-2791