Quest Alliance is a not-for-profit trust working to improve the levels of education and employability for children and young people across India. Our work is focused on bridging the education and skills divide by enabling self-learning for young people in the 10-35 age group.

For the past twelve years, we have worked in 28 states and partnered with 43 non-profit organizations. Through these partnerships, we have created three programs. Anandshala a comprehensive program to keep children in school and enrich their learning experience; MyQuest an umbrella program under which there are multiple projects to equip young people with career development skills; and MasterCoach an intensive program that trains trainers to become all-round educators. Quest Alliance is driven by research, strengthened by partnerships and fueled by innovation and technology. Our focus is to enhance the quality and relevance of education and the work-transitions of disadvantaged youth through knowledge creation, innovative action and supporting multidisciplinary collaborations. We aim to enable individuals to build self-learning pathways to make meaning of their lives, and we accomplish these goals everyday through the three programs: Anandshala, MyQuest and MasterCoach.

We have reached over 200,000 children in 4,000 classrooms with a program that helps to reduce the number of children who drop out of school. Furthermore, we believe that while children are in school, their learning experience should be interesting, active and enriching. In training over 2,000 teachers across 992 schools we have involved educators and families in the effort to encourage children to remain in school, engage with their peers and teachers and receive an all-encompassing education. A three-pronged strategy complete with resources allows us to accomplish the objective of the Anandshala program, which is in the form of an Early Warning System, an Enrichment Program, and Parent Engagement.

The skills that a young workforce are equipped with determine their success. With this in mind, Quest Alliance has created 12 digital resources that have been implemented in 220 vocational training centres across 25 states. 1,000 facilitators have trained 100,000 youth creating a 70% employment placement rate among them. The resources contain 300 hours of digital content and are accompanied by 10 facilitator manuals and 8 research studies.

In strengthening the educator, the MasterCoach program combines experiential and digital learning to build the professional capacity of a teacher in the modern day classroom. The vision of MasterCoach, a 5-month online program, is to bring together the community of educators and develop 21st century facilitators. MasterCoach creates access to technology and classroom management skills with consistent feedback from peers and trainers to train the trainer, thereby enriching the lives of students. The three-step process of MasterCoach is for the trainer to know themselves, know the learner and develop effective classroom strategies.

Our partnerships enable us to execute our programs to impact the lives of young people in the areas of education and employability. Some of our partners are Accenture, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Cisco, Oracle, Bank of America, AMD, USAID, Creative Associates, Dasra, The Hans Foundation, Godrej, UNDP, GiveIndia and BEPC.

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