Adventure Learning Setting: Mountains

With dozens of accredited programs available, there are so many exciting opportunities waiting to be explored. These programs offer unique experiential learning methods and resources, and participants are able to develop critical skills.

Everything You Need to Know About Challenge Courses

Whether you want to build morale or get your employees to work together with a new understanding of teamwork and camaraderie, experiential learning has the potential to transform your office. These programs get your team out of the workplace and into an unfamiliar setting to challenge them to work together to solve problems. It’s a … Continued

Experiential Education Program Focus: Canada

Commonly referred to as the “Great White North” — Canada is the ultimate place to experience outdoor adventure. Offering dense forests, stunning coastlines, as well as lakes and rivers around every bend, it’s the perfect country to explore and participate in wilderness programs.

Organizational Development: A Participant View

You may have heard about (and become interested in) the concept of experiential education. Unlike traditional education, educators are highly engaged with participants, making them a part of the experience itself. Programs are often designed with adults in mind (although there are incredible programs for all ages), focusing on key skills that encourage personal growth, … Continued

Accredited Programs: An Infographic

  Hands-on, experiential learning allows participants to solve problems, work together and test their skills in a real-world situation — often while enjoying breathtaking scenery in a natural setting. Experiential learning programs come in many forms and encompass many activities, but all are designed to put the student front and center for maximum engagement and … Continued

Organizational Development Instruction: An Inside View

Have you always felt that a “traditional” career wasn’t for you? Do you thrive on being a community leader within an exciting, high-energy environment? As you learn through experience, do you strive to help others reach their goals? If so, becoming an organizational development instructor may be the answer.

Adventure Education Instruction: An Inside View

If you’re looking for a nontraditional job that allows you to live life on your own terms while still making a difference in the world, adventure education could be the career you’ve been waiting for. There’s a wide range of opportunities in the field of adventure education, and you can share your skills while guiding … Continued

AEE International Conference Highlight

Looking for a rewarding career in experiential education? Whether you want to lead students on a mountaineering adventure, help run corporate leadership workshops, or simply explore all of your opportunities in the field, the 2017 AEE International Conference is for you. The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) – Learn Through Experience’s parent organization – hosts … Continued

Experiential Education Program Focus: Midwest

The benefits of experiential education programs are well-documented. After experiencing adventurous, focused activities, learners benefit from self-reflection, skill building, and real-world application. From enhanced abstract thinking to critical leadership skills, these programs support lifelong growth and success.